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The wholesome date is the miracle fruit of the palm tree; it's the only sustainable sustenance in the deserts of Kuwait. Baraka is a family-owned farm in Kuwait, that continues an age-old tradition of growing and harvesting palm trees.

The methods and practices being used at Baraka farms have been passed down from generations of master farmers. Baraka Dates are hand-grown, hand-harvested and hand-picked for the people who want to enjoy the highest standards on dates. from a small farm to a business that can sustain the demand for fine dates, Baraka has the experience to deliver the best for the best.

What makes Baraka Dates stand out from other dates manufacturer, is that Baraka is always developing new ways to grow, harvest and consume the wholesome date. Whether wrapping it in decadent milk chocolate or filling it with nuts, Baraka Dates makes sure that their product line provides the full date experience.



The people at Baraka Dates are passionate about growing, tending & harvesting the palm tree. The philosophy behind Baraka farm's dedication is the miraculous sustenance that the date provided to sustain the entire Middle Eastern region. Not only is the fruit wholesome but Baraka Dates prides itself on maintaining a wholesome family environment within the business. Baraka strives to distinguish its product by focusing on the most sustainable and natural ways to grow and serve the date.


Baraka Dates is dedicated to integrating contemporary tastes with cultural heritage.


To honor the date and its history of sustaining an entire region by innovating treatments of the Middle Eastern Fruit.


With every date you enjoy from Baraka Dates, you are guaranteed mastery and love from seed to date.


At the core of Baraka Dates is innovation that stems from traditional mastery. From the palm of the hand to the palm in the earth, to the date in your palm, everything at Baraka Dates is considered to deliver excellence.

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